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How to wrap $sMAXI to $wsMAXI

In order to get wsMAXI, you need to wrap your sMAXI on the Maximizer app. To do so, head over to the Wrap page.

Here you can see the current conversion ratio. To wrap your sMAXI, you first to approve the Maximizer contract to use your sMAXI. Simply click on the purple "Approve" button. You will only have to approve once, the first time you wrap.

Confirm the transaction with your wallet, and once the transaction is confirmed refresh the page. The button should know say "Wrap sMAXI"

Enter the amount of sMAXI you wish to wrap, or simply click on "Max" to wrap them all. This will show you how many wsMAXI you will get in return.

Click on the "Wrap sMAXI" button, confirm the transaction, and that's it, your sMAXI are wrapped and you now have wsMAXI!

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