Maximizer Docs

How to stake $MAXI

Staking MAXI is the most important step towards participating in Maximizer. So once you have grabbed some MAXI from either Trader Joe or Pangolin, let's now see how to stake them.

To do so, start by going to the staking page of the Maximizer app.

Here you should see your MAXI balance, aswell as a message asking to approve before proceeding further. As stated in this message, you will only need to approve once, the first time you stake some MAXI.

So go ahead and click on the "Approve" button, confirm the transaction and refresh the page. The button should now say "Stake MAXI".

Enter the amount of MAXI you wish to stake, or click on Max to stake your whole available $MAXI balance. Then, click on the "Stake MAXI" button, confirm the transaction, and that's it, your $MAXI are now staked, and you are eligible for all the rewards that Maximizer offers!

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