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How to mint $MAXI

This section will strictly cover how to proceed to mint MAXI, it will not cover what is minting, when to mint etc, for that refer to the minting section here. Start by loading the mint page on the Maximizer app. Here you can see currently available mints, their price and the resulting ROI.

Mint page

After you've identified which mint you want to proceed with, you will need to acquire the principal token, which is either LP (liquidity provider) tokens (MORE-AVAX JLP, Hec-AVAX JLP in the screenshot above), or naked tokens (PTP or MONEY in the screenshot above).

You can click on the external link icon next to the principal token name to directly the page to either create the LPs or get the token. If you are unfamiliar with creating LP tokens on Trader Joe or Pangolin, we would advise reading their documentations on how to proceed before going further.

Please note JLP are Trader Joe liquidity provider token, and PGL are Pangolin's.

Once you acquired the token you need to mint, click on the corresponding "Mint" button for that asset. We will mint with PTP for this tutorial.

Mint example

As per the message says, you first need to approve Maximizer to use your PTP. You will only have to approve once, the first time you mint with this asset. Click on the "Approve" button, confirm the transaction and refresh the page. The button should now say "Mint".

Approved mint

Enter the amount you wish to use to mint MAXI. Please note that there is both a minimum and maximum amount of MAXI you can mint at once. Click on the "Mint" button, confirm the transaction, refresh the page. You just minted MAXI using another asset! Keep in mind there is no way for you to get back the asset you used to mint, you essentially traded it for MAXI.

On the mint page, you can click on "Active", next to "All" right below MAXI price and treasury balance, to see your current mint(s).

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