Maximizer Docs

Dashboard overview

This section will cover the information displayed on the dashboard of the Maximizer app.



The portfolio shows the user current MAXI tokens holdings, be it in the form of $MAXI, $sMAXI or $wsMAXI. It shows both the amount of each token, respective holding value in USD, aswell as the total value of the user holdings in USD.

Selling pressure alleviated from Avalanche


This metric effectively represents the USD value of the total amount of tokens farmed by the Maximizer yield optimizers using the ecosystem treasury funds thus far, starting 1/27/2022.

This is derived from the fact that Maximizer vaults don't sell the yielded token for more of the principle, but instead compound it using options offered by the protocols issueing these tokens (such as single staking for PNG on pangolin or sJOE for Trader Joe).

As the treasury grows, and compounding does its magic, this metric will exponentially increase, futher growing the treasury in return.

General information

General info

This panel covers several important metrics both the $MAXI token and the current state of the protocol, let's go over each of them.

  • Market Cap : the total dollar value of the available $MAXI supply. This is calculated with the formula Circulating supply * price of $MAXI in USD.

  • Total Value Locked : the dollar value of the total amount of $MAXI currently staked on Maximizer.

  • Treasury Balance : the total dollar value of all the assets currently owned by the Maximizer treasury.

  • MAXI price : the dollar value of one $MAXI token on the open market (such as on Trader Joe or Pangolin).

  • MAXI staked : the % of $MAXI tokens currently staked on Maximizer. This is equivalent to the Total Value Locked metric.

  • MAXI supply : the total amount of MAXI token that have been minted since the genesis of Maximizer. This represents the currently available supply of $MAXI.

  • APY : APY stands for annual percentage yield. It measures the real rate of return on your principal by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the case of Maximizer, your staked MAXI represents your principal, and the compound interest is added periodically on every epoch (around 8 hours) thanks to the rebase mechanism.

  • Current Index : the amount of MAXI tokens generated if a staker had staked 1 MAXI token from the first rebasing period. So if a user staked 1 MAXI starting at the first rebase, the amount that same user would have now, would be equal to the current index.

Treasury balance

Treasury Balance

A chart displaying the treasury balance over time, which serves for a great indicator of the treasury and protocol growth. Line goes up!

Treasury allocation


All Maximizer's eggs aren't in the same basket. The funds are deployed in various strategies, getting yield from various platforms across the whole Avalanche ecosytem. This panel shows how much of the treasury is currently deployed and farming ($877k or 7.37% at the moment of the screenshot), where (Trader Joe, Pangolin and Benqi here), and which tokens are being earned.

Asset exposure


This panel represent the current composition of the Maximizer ecosystem treasury. All of these assets were acquired through users purchasing bonds to mint $MAXI, and are then deposited in Maximizer yield optimizers, to generate revenues.