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What is the $wsMAXI token?

  • Wrapped, staked MAXI, or wsMAXI, is an index-adjusted wrapper for staked Maxi(sMAXI). Unlike sMAXI, a user's balance of wsMAXI does not increase over time, which could be beneficial for some accounting purposes.

  • When users change their wsMAXI back to sMAXI, they receive the adjusted sMAXI based on the current index, so all total yield value is retained. Translation, while a conversion is involved, users will always receive the correct amount of MAXI yield due, whether one is holding sMAXI or wsMAXI.

  • Just like sMAXI, wsMAXI makes you elligible to all the rewards (rebases, airdrops etc). You can also use it on some of our partner's platform, like MoreMoney, to borrow stablecoins.
  • A more detailled article about wsMAXI was published here What is $wsMAXI?

$wsMAXI contract address : 0x2148D1B21Faa7eb251789a51B404fc063cA6AAd6

How to get $wsMAXI?

  • In order to get $wsMAXI, users must wrap their $sMAXI, by using the wrap dashboard on the Maximizer app. You may refer to the following tutorial, How to wrap $sMAXI, to proceed.

  • Users are free to unwrap their $wsMAXI for $sMAXI at any time.

Users may refer to the tutorial section for step by step guides on How to wrap $sMAXI, and How to unwrap $wsMAXI