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What is the $sMAXI token?

  • $sMAXI is a derivative of the $MAXI token that is issued when a token holder stakes in the protocol. sMAXI is the staked version of MAXI. Users will receive sMAXI at a 1:1 ratio for their MAXIΒ when they stake it.

  • Holding this token allows users to receive rebases rewards every 8 hours, effectively increasing the amount of sMAXI one holds.

  • It also makes users eligible to any benefits introduced by the protocol to stakers (such as airdrops from partners tokens).

$sMAXI contract address : 0xEcE4D1b3C2020A312Ec41A7271608326894076b4

How to get $sMAXI?

  • In order to get $sMAXI, users must stake their MAXI, by using the staking dashboard on the Maximizer app. You may refer to the following tutorial, How to stake $MAXI, to proceed.

  • Users are free to unstake their $sMAXI for $MAXI at any time.

Users may refer to the tutorial section for step by step guides on How to stake $MAXI, and How to unstake $sMAXI