Maximizer Docs


What is the $MAXI token?

  • The MAXI token functions as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange currency for the policy-controlled ecosystem treasury system, backed by a basket of bonded asset (such as AVAX, PTP, USDC), which are then used to provide optimal yields through Maximizer vaults.

  • Each $MAXI is backed by 1 DAI, which is what each token is minted off of.

  • This is your entry door to Maximizer. Please note holding this token does NOT make you eligible for the staking rewards.

$MAXI contract address : 0x7C08413cbf02202a1c13643dB173f2694e0F73f0

How to get $MAXI?

  • Users can purchase $MAXI on Trader Joe using the $MAXI / $DAI pool or on Pangolin using the $MAXI / $AVAX pool.
  • Users can mint new $MAXI, by purchasing bonds through the Mint dashboard.
  • After acquiring $MAXI, users can stake their tokens in the protocol which will make them eligible to the rewards offered by Maximizer.

Users may refer to the tutorial section for step by step guides on How to buy $MAXI, and How to mint $MAXI