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Smart Contracts Risks

The protocol interacts with a number of smart contracts, self-developed or owned by third parties, all of which imposes risks. This can be both known and unknown risks that could result in the failure or vulnerability on the smart contracts which could result in assets being locked or lost forever.

Third Party Contracts Risks

The protocol invests the assets into multiple third party protocols, all of which also imposes risks. The more third party protocols utilized in a strategy, the more risk exposures it gets. To minimize such external risks, the protocol will only invest in mature and known protocols.


Security audits don't eliminate or mitigate risks completely. Please do not invest assets you cannot afford to lose.

Maxi Reserve Currency Audit history:

  • Unaudited (fork of OlympusDao)

Maxi Vaults Audit history:

  • Sep 2021: Private auditor

Maximizer will continue to pursue security audits for the protocol.