Maximizer Docs

Achievements and milestones

Q4 2021


  • Launch of Maximizer's first protocol, no sell-vaults, a novel type of yield optimizer.
    Launch tweet



Q1 2022


  • Partnership with Avalaunch, and launch of the "Startup Boosting Initiative".
    Startup Boost Initiative launch

  • Partnership with Islander, a unique and novel Learn-to-Earn on Avalanche, introducing a new mint (AVAX-ISA, sold out in less than a day) and the first airdrop for stakers.
    Islander partnership

  • Partnership with Platypus, a novel groundbreaking stableswap protocol on Avalanche. A $PTP mint option was added on Maximizer, in order for the protocol to acquire as much PTP as possible to boost its yield on stablecoin, aswell as to become a major player in the Platypus DAO.
    Platypus partnership

  • Partnership with Heroes Chained, a Play and Earn fantasy action RPG game, launching on Avalanche. Their native token ($HeC) was airdropped to stakers, and a new mint, AVAX-HeC was added on Maximizer.
    Heroes Chained partnership

  • wsMAXI becomes available as colateral on the MoreMoney platform. This allows users to borrow $MONEY (MoreMoney's own stablecoin) against their wsMAXI. This comes along with a partnership with MoreMoney, and two new mint options, MORE-AVAX and MONEY.
    MoreMoney partnership


  • Partnership with Dexalot, a first of its kind CLOB DEX launching on Avalanche.
    Dexalot partnership