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Startup Boost Initiative

Through it's minting mechanism and no-sell vaults, Maximizer has the ability to help young protocols bootstrap their liquidity in a sustainable manner, with a long term vision.

This is exactly what the startup boost initiative is all about, in collaboration with Avalaunch, the leading platform for startup fundraising in the Avalanche ecosystem. Avalaunch is a launchpad, often referred to as 'The Future of Fundraising', which allows new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch on Avalanche with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution.

Working together with the team at Avalaunch, Maximizer will play a critical role aiding any project that launches on Avalaunch, by utilizing its bond minting offering and no-sell auto-compounding vaults as a way to help any startup benefit from POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) as early as possible.

Maximizer benefits from providing this service by receiving an allocation in one of the IDO rounds of the partner protocol, which will be distributed to $MAXI stakers. This will allow $MAXI stakers to claim their portion of the allocation, which users can find under the "Rewards" page of the Maximizer app.

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