Maximizer Docs

Benefits for holders

Rebases and supply growth

The main benefit for stakers comes from supply growth. The protocol mints new MAXI tokens from the treasury, when users purchase bonds, the majority of which are distributed to the stakers. Thus, the gain for stakers will come from their auto-compounding balances with rebases, though price exposure remains an important consideration. That is, if the increase in token balance outpaces the potential drop in price (due to inflation), stakers would make a profit.

Airdrops from partners

In exchange for the service provided to early stage protocols, Maximizer will be receiving an allocation in one of the IDO rounds or private sales for the projects tokens, which it will distribute to $MAXI stakers. This will allow $MAXI stakers to claim their portion of the allocation on a Maximizer claim site. These relationships will also give the opportunity to find ways to incorporate $wsMAXI (wrapped staked MAXI) into partner protocols (e.g. MoreMoney accepting wsMAXI as collateral).

Random snapshots are taken to retrieve the addresses eligible to the airdrops, so users would need to be staked at the moment of snapshot to benefit from these rewards.

Please note that users with a stake so small that transaction cost would be greater than the actual reward might be excluded from receiving the airdrops.