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Welcome to Maximizer!

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In an environment riddled by short term vision and mercenary capital, Maximizer aims to provide a strong foundation for new projects joining the Avalanche ecosystem, as well as to support already existing protocols driving the ecosystem forward.

Maximizer (.\\, .\\) brings stability and sustainability at the ecosystem level.

Why Maximizer?

For a new protocol to acquire liquidity, the way is usually to give strong incentives by rewarding liquidity providers with their token. Unfortunately, this often leads to the token being dumped, hurting both the starting project and its community. Such liquidity is also very hard to retain once incentives dry up. This is where Maximizer steps up, and comes forward with a new solution, to help foster promising protocols and provide them with immutable liquidity. Maximizer aims to fix DeFi's rent-seeking problem. Yield farmers earning rewards for their LP tokens, then dumping them for profit, thus tanking the underlying project and destabilizing the DeFi ecosystem.

How does Maximizer work?

At the heart of the Maximizer revolution is a novel no sell yield optimizer, continuously compounding yielded tokens in a non-destructive manner for the protocol issueing them. These no-sell vaults are boosted by Maximizer's own ecosystem treasury protocol, using a bonding system similar to the one introduced by Olympus, in order to boost no-sell vaults with the liquidity acquired. Maximizer becomes your ultimate HODLer and accumulator, allowing a steadier token appreciation in the critical early stages of a protocol's launch, boosting its odds of success, and in turn improving the health of the entire Avalanche ecosystem. More stable innovation = better long-term growth.

Stake $MAXI, grow with Avalanche.

How does Maximizer grow?

To fulfill its vision, Maximizer has already developed several protocols and will continue to do so, in order to provide new tools to help its ever-growing list of partners, while remaining true to its initial missionΒ : support the ecosystem and grow alongside with it. Below is a short summary of each of them, please refer to their respective section for more details.

Ecosystem treasury

An ecosystem treasury protocol, inspired by the Olympus model with its mint/bonding mechanism, allowing users to mint $MAXI tokens in exchange for a given asset that the protocol wishes to accumulate (it can be LP tokens or naked assets). This allows Maximizer to support partners in building POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity), which is then used in the Maximizer vaults. This is achieved through offering bonds with partners projects LP tokens.

Maximizer vaults

The assets accumulated by the ecosystem treasury are then used to feed Maximizer no-sell vaults, a novel type of yield optimizer, made to support the ecosystem. Through these vaults, the liquidity accumulated by the treasury isn't just "locked" there, it is actually used to provide deeper liquidity across the entire ecosystem.


In addition to its own products development, Maximizer is also creating partnerships with top projects from the Avalanche ecosystem , Avalaunch, Trader Joe, Benqi, Platypus just to name a few (refer to the partnerships section for more details). This comes in an effort to unite the whole ecosystem around a vision, which is to build the best framework for new projects to launch, in order to foster growth and innovation, through the "Startup Boost Initiative".